Rare Earth Phosphors

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Dec,31, 2021

Rare Earth Phosphors Phosphors are made from a variety of materials and different combinations are appropriate for different applications. Each phosphor consists of a host material mixed with a lanthanide chromophore or activator (making up 2-5 percent of the total). Prysmag,one of the largest company worldwide dedicated to phosphor and luminescent material solutions for solid-state lighting, offers aluminates,garnets, nitrides, and silicates in green, yellow, red, and orange etc. All phosphor solutions created by Prysmag come from our deep knowledge and technology background in phosphor materials. If you are looking for phosphors, you are at the right place. We can offer: - All major phosphor platforms, colors, spectral shapes and particle sizes - Highest light quality, CRI, and color gamut available - Highest performance in lumen output, efficacy, thermal and lifetime stability - Reduction of costs and cost of ownership Our main phosphor categories cover phosphors for: - Cathode Ray Tubes - Field Emission Displays - Plasma Displays - X-Ray Imaging (Conventional and Digital) - Security Printing / Anti-Counterfeiting - Scintillation - General Radiation Detection - Dental Ceramics - Fluorescent Lamps - LEDs The broad range of offerings ensures that not only can all your phosphor needs be supplied by a single supplier, but that your supplier understands how the materials interact ¨C so you get to market faster.

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PRYSMAG GROUP, founded in 1996, is a satisfaction focused company. As one of the world's leading manufacturers and suppliers of rare earth products, we have been helping our customers accomplish their ideas and address their questions and concerns for over 18 years with expertise and a wide range of customizable products including rare earth oxides, rare earth metals, rare earth phosphors, rare earth magnets and other rare earth new materials