Stainless Steel Wedge Wire Shower Grate

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Dec,31, 2021

The Stainless Steel Linear Drain stainless steel drainage is the most important port to connect the system of drainage channels and the flooring. As the most important parts of the drainage system in the house, its performance is directly effect the quality of the indoor air, and it is also very important to control the peculiar smell of the bathroom. The Stainless Steel Linear Drain is mainly used in bathroom, kitchen, washroom, swimming pool or other wet rooms. Specifications of the Stainless Steel Linear Drain: The wedge wire grate is composed of two parts, one is the grate panel, the other is trough/ channel. Details of the wedge wire grate : Material: ss 304 Wedge wire: 3x4.2mm, 3.2mm spacing Supporting wire: 3x6mm, 25mm spacing Frame: 22.8x5mm Width: 63mm, 75mm, 98mm, 100mm Length: 100mm, 200mm, 500mm, 1000mm etc. Details of the Trough/ Channel: Material: ss 304 Plate thickness: 1.2mm Width: 70mm or 100mm Length: 300mm or 500mm or 800mm or 1000mm etc. Outlet: horizontal, with deodorization device, 40mm diameter Frame: with flange, which is have a better function of waterproof. We can also customize it according to customers' drawing. Application of the swimming pool stainless steel drainage: Bathroom ,Balcony ,Kitchen 1>.Drainage fast , always keep the bathroom dry and clean , enhance the level of non-slip surface 2>.Increase three dimensional sense of space ,do not use stone to separate dry and wet areas again ,and don't use any other Stainless Steel Linear Drain 3>.Save the time of construction , using the drainage of same gradient, construction of simple ,maintain tile integrity and beautiful appearance . 4>.Security increased ,it is a trouble free access for some people whose action is inconvenience as it do not need the stone to separate dry and wet areas 5>.Beautiful appearance ,to be part of the bathroom , become a kind of elegant decoration

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