Fuel Pipe Assembly

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Keihin Auto Part(Thailand) Co.Ltd., Thailand
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Dec,31, 2018

This injects the fuel fed from the fuel pump in the optimal quantity corresponding to driving conditions into the intake manifold according to instructions from the electronic control unit. With the strengthening of emission standards in many countries, it has become a core component of optimal control of air-fuel ratio, and we provide inexpensive precision products using high-precision processing and assembly technology developed for carburetors. We have come up with the spray configuration optimal for the engine using simulation technology, real-world vehicle testing, and advanced measuring technology, contributing to clean emissions performance and fuel economy.

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At a time of substantial changes in automobiles and motorcycles, Keihin is evolving with the aim of continuing to lead the world as a "manufacturer of integrated systems." We are further broadening our old perspective of pursuing the world's highest quality for individual parts by working on advanced integration of mechanics and electronics to achieve optimization in whole energy management systems. This is a new step for Keihin.