Honeycomb Activated Carbon Air Filter ICM

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Dec,31, 2023

Product Description : Honeycomb activated carbon filter in the aluminum honeycomb cardboard or upload made with powdered activated carbon, the carbon content of 35%-50%,with good adsorption properties, can be used for air purification, removal of volatile organic compounds and dust in the air, smoke, odor, toluene, methanol and other pollutants, mainly used for air purifiers, air conditioners air conditioning fan, the host computer, fume purification, good shape, air resistance, pressure drop is small, with a good cleaning effect. Activated carbon is widely used in the treatment of toluene, phenol, ester, aldehyde, ammonia and other organic gases and odors adsorption removal. Using: Used for vacuum cleaners, air filters, cleanliness requirement of high purification occasion Remark: Can do it based on the customer's requirement

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