melt-flow drip irrigation tape making machine

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Dec,31, 2023

Product Feature 1.The main motor,shaping wheel,knife wheel an d hotsealing wheel adopt frequency convention control,which has characteristics of easy adjustment, reliable running,steady work and low energy consumption. 2.Screw of extruder adopts special design which makes raw material plasticized well and the line works steadily. 3.The control of heating temperature of extruder and mold adopt temperature-automatic control system which has the characteristics of high accuracy of control and obvious effect of energr-saving. 4.Shaping wheel,knife wheel and hot sealing wheel adopt toothed gearing which has characteristics of high accuracy of transmission and accurate location of dripper and hot sealing line. 5.The location of knife wheel and hot sealing wheel can be adjusted front and back on line flexibly to make sure the correct location of dripper and hot sealing line. 6.Creasing device adopts special hard-wearing aldary which has long service life. 7.Hot sealing wheel adopts temperature- automatic-control system to make sure average and steady temperature. 8.Winding machine adopts torque motor which overcomes tension-blemish effectively.And winding machine is also equiped with meter-counter and can alarm and stop automatically. Product Specification/Models Machine Model SJLY-55 Main driving power 15 kW Max. extruding capacity 35 kg/h Heating power 23 kW Filter changing method Durable filter Total power of shaping wheel 3 kW Driving power of tractor 0.75 kW Winding motor Torque motor Water consumption 2 m3/h Air consumption 0.2 m3/h Installation power 45 kW Overall dimension(L¡ÁW¡ÁH) 9 m¡Á5 m¡Á3.5 m Weight 2500 kg

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