LTU-X1 Automatic Top & Under Labelling Machine

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Eva Enterprise Company Limited, Thailand
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Dec,31, 2018

Brand: Autopak PRODUCT DETAIL SPECIFICATION Top & Under Labeling Machine can simultaneously label top and bottom of products. Can also label on only one side. Wide range of use, e.g., for medicine, beverage, and chemicals. Suitable for label.

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Eva Enterprises has been studied and collected data to customer requirements closely and continuously as a professional system to bring the complete information to them as a basis for generate automatic labeling machine and lead to a response of using completely. The operation of design and manufacturing of the automatic labeling machine are controlled intimately underneath of Taiwanese engineer observation combined with the selection of machinery materials and electronic kits solvent from the nation's leading source of Taiwan and other top international quality. With the commitment and dedication in order to meet the needs of the customer perfectly, we can solve problems that have come in the past and the technology developed to provide even higher. We are confident that our work is to create maximum satisfaction for customer.