Controlled Atmosphere Walking Beam Furnaces

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Dec,31, 2023

BTU is the leading supplier of controlled atmosphere furnaces to the nuclear fuel manufacturing industry. BTU provides high volume, high temperature furnaces for sintering nuclear fuel. These systems are used by nuclear fuel manufacturers worldwide. Typical applications include uranium and gadolinium processing for current and next generation reactor technology. BTU offers its patented Walking Beam furnace and Pusher furnace for sintering and the TCA belt furnace for lower temperature applications. BTU Walking Beam systems are available with atmosphere capabilities ranging from oxidizing to fully reducing. Process gases include hydrogen and nitrogen. Various system configurations are available to provide continuous temperatures up to 1800°C. This high temperature system operates on a patented wheel and inclined plane principle and can carry very heavy loads extremely reliably.

Company Profile

BTU International has been the trusted name for high-tech customers with a need to solve high-volume thermal processing challenges. With over 10,000 tools shipped, our ability to design, manufacture, and support advanced thermal processing equipment has been proven. Customers with high-tech operations in solar cell, electronics assembly, semiconductor packaging, nuclear fuel, fuel cell, and next generation batteries depend on BTU.