China Bainas PDC bits 0086-15031703368

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China Bainas Drilling Equipment Co., Ltd, China
On Demand
all size with HJ and HA seal bearing

wooden case
Dec,31, 2018

PDC bits,rock bit, roller bit,PDC bit.0086-15031703368 Email:[email protected] We are China Bainas Drilling Equipment Co., Ltd , who produces and exports drill bits. We have a Export Department, which specializes in the export of various products made by ourselves including Drill bits, Drill Pipe, TCI tricone bits, PDC bits, PDC Diamond drill bits, roller rock bits, core bits, bits of all sizes in oilfield and water well drilling, mineral mining and geological exploration and so on. During the twenty years, we have built good business relationships with customers abroad, such as America, Japan, Korea, Germany and so on. Thus the stable supplies, the assured quality and the flexible ways of doing business are our commitment and guarantee. We shall always be very happy to hear from you and will carefully consider any proposal likely to lead to business relations between us. We are looking forward to your early reply. Thank you for your attention!

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