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The series crusher is mainly used for crushing various plastic plastic and rubber such as plastic profile, tubes, rods, thread, film, scrap rubber products. Granule provide the extrusion and injection. DM-500 plastic crusher is the ideal equipment for recycling of large sections of pipe; crushing capacity, high output, stable performance, and with automatic suction machine, increase the degree of automation of the machine. DM-800 plastic crusher for crushing the large hollow plastic containers, bulk head feed, and equipment of the board material.

Company Profile

The company main product: large-caliber wound units, HDPE spiral pipe carbon fiber units, PE plastic sheet wall corrugated pipe extrusion unit, PE, PP plastic plate (sheet material) extrusion line, plastic grid board extrusion line, PE/PP-R/PEX gas/water supply pipe production line, PVC/PE/PP plastic granules units, PE/PP steel wire package shoe enhance high pressure pipe production line, PVC/PE double-wall corrugated pipe production line, PVC enhance production line, multi-function hose on PVC pipe production line, HDPE silicone core tube production line, PVC/PE porous sleeve production line, SWP series plastic crusher, plastic extrusion wave machine group, PEX crosslinked polyethylene pipe units, PA nylon pipe production line pipe a chipless cutting machine, medical pipe production line, ooze water pipe, PVC window sill board production line, PVC/PE pipe extrusion die, planet cutting machine, many claw drawer, blow molding machines, etc