WN6800 pair of pliers multifunction Ground Resistance Tester

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Dec,31, 2023

WN6800 pair of pliers multifunction Ground Resistance Tester is suitable for telecommunications, electricity, meteorology, room, power distribution line, transmission line towers, gas stations, factories grounding grid, lightning and so on. In addition to the traditional playing of the instrument auxiliary earth ground resistance measurement function, but also has the unique feature of no auxiliary earth measurements, changing the traditional testing ground resistance measurement principle and means: double jaw non-contact measurement technology without having to fight auxiliary earth, and without the grounding and load isolation, to achieve an online measurement. In the single-point grounding system, and strong interference conditions, can play an auxiliary ground electrode measurement measurement. Excellent grounding system is an important guarantee electricity, telecommunications, electrical equipment safe and reliable operation.Grounding resistance grounding system size is based on the quality of the merits of the judgment. Accurate, fast, simple and reliable grounding resistance measurement method, has become the lightning protection and grounding the urgent need for progress in the field of technology.

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Universal Testing Instruments Co., Ltd. is engaged in the underground pipeline detector, spark leak, technological development coating detector, gas leak detector and cable fault detection instrument sales of integrated enterprise. Its WN series of products with high stability, high sensitivity, high anti-interference, innovative multi-functional, etc., is oil, gas, electricity, municipal engineering and other departments indispensable testing equipment, construction quality underground pipeline coating inspection and maintenance checks a convenient, high efficiency detection equipment.