Graphite Anode

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Dec,31, 2021

Technical support: ¡¡¡¡Sichuan Gaodete Science&Technology Co., Ltd. unite domestic top experts in magnetic materials jointly developed the third generation of rare earth metal composite magnetic lining board (Grinding media smaller than 80mm, Sec Ball mill) and the fourth generation Nano toughened metal composite magnetic liner (for grinding media less than 100mm, A ball mill). The magnetic liner Features: 1, Long life cycle, wear-resistant: it makes lining life expectancy to eight times more than the original, greatly increase the degree of wear-resistant. 2, Light weight, thin, energy-saving: can reduce the mill load and reduce power consumption, making mill capacity increase knowledge. 3, Small noise, drop ball consumption: noise of ball mill is 12 ~ 15dB lower than manganese steel ball mill liner, the consumption of the ball reduce 8 to 10%, not only improve the working environment and reduces the cost of the ball consumption. 4, Less failure, magnetic liner without maintenance. No maintenance, can greatly improve ball mill operating rate. 5, Easy installation, no leakage pulp, long need to replace the liner, no or little use bolts, missed pulp, ease of installation and maintenance. 6, Low Price: Comprehensive cost-magnetic liner is high, which makes the cost of reducing the use of magnetic lining to the original third.

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