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Dec,31, 2021

We are manufacturer and exporter 3 grads of modified starch as the following: Tenfony Modified 01 made of cassava that is making the gelatinization, viscosity, good binding, and viscosity stable in the low temperature. 1.Used it in the noodle products and makes it to cooked quickly. 2.Used it in frozen products due to reduce the drip loss of the water from the products. 3.Being a viscosity agent, consistency agent in bakery products, sauces, soup powder and puddings. 4.Being a covering agent in dried fruits due to making the glassing agent and taking the stability of the aroma. Tenfony modified starch 02 is made of cassava that is stable of high temperature, acidity, and shred force from the stirring machine. 1.Used it in a high acidity food such as sauces. 2.Suitable for a high temperature food such as canned food. 3.Suitable for a high speed homogenized food or extruded food namely snack foods. Tenfony Modified Starch 03 made of cassava that is stable for cooking, cooling and frozen product. 1.Being the elastic in food product such as frozen sweet products. 2.Suitable for meat products (protect the drip loss of water from the product). 3.Suitable for pasteurized food, salad dressing, sauces. 4.Suitable for coat in the fried food (makes the goods binding in the starch and food). Packing 25 kg. of each. If you have any question, please fell free to contact us.

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