Vertical Basket Centrifuges

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Dec,31, 2023

Basket Centrifuges are the most versatile and cost effective method for separating solids and liquids and offer many advantages over other types of solid/liquid separation methods. They can process a wide range of viscosities and solids content, and are capable of removing most unbound moisture without thermal processing.In basket centrifuge,the solids and liquids are separated by centrifugal force using a filter media ( usually a cloth) mounted over supporting mesh,which are together supported inside the rotating basket.The slurry to be filtered is fed through the feed nozzles to the basket and due to centrifugal force the liquid is forced out through the filter media while solids are retained within the filter media inside the basket.These solids then separated are discharged by various discharging methods ,for which different models are available.

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