MIG Metal Inert Gas Welding

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Amcotec Mig 500I Product Speciality 1 Based on the technology of the HF inverter with IGBT module. The frequency is high as 20 KHz. The reaction is fast. 2 The PWM control mthod grarantees the quality and performance. 3 Digital display of current and voltage adjustment before welding . Direct and convenient. 4 Applicable for all the welding positions as the welding current will be automatically adjusted when the stretching length is not more than 30mm. 5 Stable welding with strong capability against power fluctuation ( 310V-450V ).

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AMCOWELD INC PTE LTD is a leading supplier of metal cutting and welding equipment and accessories. Our product line covers a wide range of premium products from well known manufacturers/ brands which are recognized for their technical excellence and world leadership in their respective fields. We have a comprehensive range of manual, semi auto, fully auto and even robotic equipment to meet all our customers' welding and cutting needs.
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