Vertical Weft Pirn Winder

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Dec,31, 2023

Specifications i. Basically we Manufacture Pirn Winders of two Kinds. 1- One-Sided It Carries Spindles on its one side only and may be installed even Close to the wall. it occupies little space than that of the double sided. 1- Double-Sided it carries double time spindles on its both sides. than that of one sided. ii. COP Capacity 12,15,18,20,24,25,30,32,36,40.& 50. iii. Size (in inches). To operate Spindles of Single Side only one V-BELT is used while for either sides two V-BELTS are used likewise with the help of Motor Pulley Both sides can be operated separately. If working of one side spindles is required to be stopped. Then V-BELT of that side should beDejoined. The spindles of other side would remain Functioning.

Company Profile

TBEW manufacture Rapier, Auto, Fixed /Loose Reed, Towel / Cloth Looms, Sectional Warping Machines, Dobbies, Pirn Winders and Cone Winders in different sizes along with all types of other textile machinery and allied accessories. The infrastructure of the unit is also fully capable and equipped to opt and execute any kind of engineering project apart from its routine projects. Company is ISO 9001 certified from the worldwide renowned accreditation company UKAS management systems/ Bureau Veritas certifications.