Pneumatic Cylindrical Screen Printer

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Dec,31, 2023

Cylinder Screen Printer LC-PA-300E LC-PA-400E Suitable for precise printing substrates in Cylindrical, Conical and Oval forms which with smooth curve surface and made of various materials such as metal, plastic, ceramic, glass, wood etc...Printing objects such as lipstick, cosmetic bottles, scour bottles, drink bottles, pots, oil-filter shell etc... Our cylinder screen printer is multifunctional screen printing machine. They are suitable to print on flat, round, oval shaped products. Cylinder screen printers can print one color at one time. Once replacing frame and ink, they can print 2, 3^colors. Advantages 1. Fully automatic control by microcomputer & easy handling 2. Four figures automatic counter 3. Round printing function (taper section) 4. Automaticoil scrabbing, oil return and lifting table 5. Adujustability of routs and speeds 6. Self-poise scraper to balance printing pressure 7. Adjustable table (fluctuation & round) and netting easel (fluctuation & both sides) 8. High precision and easy & quick adjustability

Company Profile

Luen Cheong Printing Equipment Ltd professional manufacture LC brand pad printer; screen printer; hot foil stamping machine; UV Curing machine, Pre-Post printer for 21 years ago. output 150 set Color printing machine per month. we had produce 9 series of printing machines with more than 30 types. Our main series include the following: (1) Full Automatic UV screen printers for bottles (2) Multicolor Sealed ink cup pad printers (3) Opening ink well pad printers (4) UV Curing machine & IR drying oven (5) cylinder screen printers (6) Plate make machinery & pre-post printer (7) Hot Foil stamping machines (8) Heat transfer printing press