Cooly White

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Dec,31, 2023

Dynamic cell PE foam insulation Coated with a film thickness of 44 micron aluminum one end delay of heat insulation schemes cells. And heat reflective film with aluminum. According to the nature of the use. Wide and 60 cm long and 60 cm thick, 5 and 10 mm. To stick with T-bar ceiling size 60 x 60 cm Wide and 60 cm long, 20 mm. Thickness of 5 mm. For next to skin smooth. Wide and 60 cm long, 10 m. Thick, 10 mm., For next to skin smooth.

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Miccell Co., Ltd is a manufacturer and distributor of insulation type Non-Cross linked Low Density Polyethylene Foam with closed cell foam structure completely (100% Closed. Cell Structure) Mick cell insulation is the best quality. Compared with insulation that looks the same.Which benefit both directly and indirectly, the needs of all parties involved.