Automatic Liquid Filling Machine

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Characteristics: 1. Adopt HMI controller to allow operators modify filling volume and speed parameters without any mechanical adjustment. By applying precise ball screw filling method can increase higher filling accuracy. 2. Filling cylinder contact with liquid parts is made by stainless steel coated with hard chrome to increase abrasion resistance and prevent contamination. 3. Filling cylinder is easy disassembly designed to make clean procedure more convenient. 4. Bottle in-feeding, positioning and separating processes are controlled by pneumatic cylinder automatically. 5. Filling cylinder movement is driven by pneumatic cylinder to prevent liquid forming generating during filling procedure. 6. Filling nozzle pneumatic cylinder and reversing valve are executed simultaneously. 7. Filling procedure will be terminated without bottles. 8. The Filling method is bottom filling to prevent leaking and forming generating. 9. Machine is equipped with height adjustable drip collector and mechanical height recorder. 10. Machine is equipped with 175Liters liquid storage tank, made by Stainless Steel. 11. Machine is equipped with speed adjustable conveyor to be able to separately controlled or connect with capping and labeling machines. 12. Complied with G.M.P requirement. Application: Pharmaceutical, Beverage, Soy sauce, Shampoo, Chemicals, especial suitable for high viscosity liquid filling

Company Profile

Chyun Jye Machinery Co., Ltd holds the spirit of selling self-designed, innovative products and keeps doing R&D. We have been specialized in automatic cartoning, automatic liquid filling, automatic closing technology for over 20 years. All of our products have passed ISO, CE, CGMP and etc International certifications. “Quality of the product must be in priority and customer first” is our concept of management.
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