hydraulic plane cutting machine

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XYJ-3/35、50、80、120Automatic parallel-moving precision four-column hydraulic plane cutting machine The machine is widely used for cutting various nonmetal materials in such industries as leather, plastic, plastic packing, cloth, foam sheets, carpets, floors and etc. by forming cutter. 1.The mechanism of double oil cylinder, precise four-column and automatic balancing double connection rod can guarantee the same cutting depth of each cutting position. 2.The upper pressing board can move forward and backward so that the operating visual field of operator is the best and the labor intensity is greatly reduced. 3.During the cutting, after material feeding and die cutter placement, the upper pressing board will move forward, descend, cut, ascend and automatically move backward. All the actions are completed without a letup, which has greatly increased work efficiency. 4.During the cutting operation, the optical grating protective device is adopted to guarantee the operation safety.

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Yancheng Xiongying Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is a scale enterprise specialized in producing series precision machinery and general machinery products such as hydraulic cutting machines, die cutting machines, cloth cutting machines, embossing machines and etc.