Steam Sparged (VSSU)

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VSSU Series –Steam sparged water heated shell and tube vaporizers. Steam is sparged into water retained in a ballast tank heating it to the required temperature, cryogen is vaporized through the tubes by direct contact with hot water. VSSU series steam sparged water bath vaporizers are generally used for the higher capacity requirements. They range from 250,000 SCFH to in excess of 3,000,000 SCFH (6,600 to 80,000 Nm3/hr). They are most commonly used in pipeline back-up service or other high volume systems such as steel mills. Tube bundles are available in standard incremental sizes, as are the tanks. Bundles and tanks can be used in a variety of combinations to achieve most customer requirements of steady state capacity and ballast time. Several different process and pressure building bundles can be installed in a single tank.

Company Profile

Cryoquip Malaysia has been a manufacturer and supplier to the industrial gases industry throughout the Asean region since 1996. Its primary product is cryogenic ambient air vaporizers. Cryoquip Malaysia has been very successful in building and maintaining market share and has secured a number of supply contracts with gas companies and cryogenic equipment manufacturers in the Asean region. It has supplied all the major gas companies operating in the Asean region countries with cryogenic vaporization equipment. In order to keep pace with the continued expansion of the gas business in the Asean region.