Erreppi Buffalo MKII

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Palm Mach Sdn Bhd, Malaysia
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Dec,31, 2018

Erreppi Buffalo MKII today, is a new, matured and proven vehicle for your in-field mechanisation needs. The Erreppi Buffalo MKII is a multi-purpose 4x4 low ground pressure all terrain vehicle suitable for working in peat, soft, wet soil and hilly conditions. Powered by a high torque and efficient 11hp Yanmar diesel engine, Erreppi Buffalo MKII is low on fuel consumption and easy to maintain. Designed with a single chassis with central oscillation and together with all round flotation tyres, the Erreppi Buffalo MKII maintains full traction and ground stability in extreme conditions.

Company Profile

Palm Mach is a leading company in the agriculture equipment sector with clients from leading plantations in Malaysia and Indonesia. With over 2 decades of experience specialising in agriculture equipment, we believe we have the know-how and the solutions to tackle demanding needs in the fast evolving agriculture industry today.