Rotary Ditchers

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Palm Mach Sdn Bhd, Malaysia
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Dec,31, 2018

The DONDI range of rotary ditchers, is divided into three families: mono-wheel, mono/double-wheel and double-wheel models, and each family has different versions to meet a wide range of operating needs. For ever 40 years, DONDI has been a market leader, manufacturing state-of-the-art agricultural machinery that can solve any problem. The heart of the machine, designed to transmit motion simply and safely, is composed of high-quality gears that have been tested to ensure safe and niseless transmission. All the models feature "GLEASON" bevel gear pairs with helicoidal teeth to ensure a rotary force that simultaneously uses three teeth to gunrantee longer gear life.

Company Profile

Palm Mach is a leading company in the agriculture equipment sector with clients from leading plantations in Malaysia and Indonesia. With over 2 decades of experience specialising in agriculture equipment, we believe we have the know-how and the solutions to tackle demanding needs in the fast evolving agriculture industry today.