Refractive Powder for road signs, garment printing etc.

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Dec,31, 2020

Method of use: can be directly added to the ink, made of reflective ink, screen printing or brush to fabric or other items, the use of simple operation the United States imported 3M reflective powder is easy to master. Add the amount according to the number of add reflective brightness. Method two: first bottom coating printing paste - Surface - drying and curing light reflecting pulp slurry preparation: according to the amount, the reflective powder weighing the first solvent (cyclohexanone) to tune into a paste, then, into the transparent printing paste, evenly using. In printing, the printing of the thickness of the adhesive layer to thin, with 30 micron & mdash; 50 microns, to ensure that the reflective powder can semi exposed on the surface, the reflective effect. Can according to use, the coarse and fine particle size, have all kinds of reflective effect. (particle size range, reflecting the better) Note: To clean the construction surface 1 before use, no oil surface, drying. 2 the construction must be before the light reflective paint primer and stirring evenly; painting process stirring constantly, in order to prevent reflective powder deposition.

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