Jaw crusher

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Dec,31, 2021

Features: 1. simple structure, easy maintenance; 2. stable performance; 3. even final particles and high crushing ratio Model PE150¡Á250 Feed inletsize(mm) 150¡Á250 Max inletsize(mm) 125 Capacity(t/h) 1-5 Electricpower(kw) 5.5 Overall sizeLxWxH(mm) 875¡Á758¡Á850 Weight(t) 0.81 Model PE250¡Á400 Feed inletsize(mm) 400¡Á250 Max inletsize(mm) 210 Capacity(t/h) 5-20 Electricpower(kw)15 Overall sizeLxWxH(mm)1450¡Á1315¡Á1296 Weight(t)2.8 Model PE400¡Á600 Feed inletsize(mm)600¡Á400 Max inletsize(mm)340 Capacity(t/h) 16-65 Electricpower(kw)30 Overall sizeLxWxH(mm) 1565¡Á1732¡Á1586 Weight(t) 6.5 Model PE500¡Á750 Feed inletsize(mm)750¡Á500 Max inletsize(mm)425 Capacity(t/h) 45-100 Electricpower(kw)55 Overall sizeLxWxH(mm)1890¡Á1916¡Á1870 Weight(t) 10.1 Model PE600¡Á900 Feed inletsize(mm)900¡Á600 Max inletsize(mm) 500 Capacity(t/h) 50-120 Electricpower(kw)55 Overall sizeLxWxH(mm)2305¡Á1840¡Á2298 Weight(t) 15.5 Model PE750¡Á1060 Feed inletsize(mm)1060¡Á750 Max inletsize(mm)630 Capacity(t/h) 52-180 Electricpower(kw) 110 Overall sizeLxWxH(mm)2450¡Á2472¡Á2840 Overall sizeLxWxH(mm)28 Model PE900¡Á1200 Feed inletsize(mm) 900¡Á1200 Max inletsize(mm) 750 Capacity(t/h) 140-260 Electricpower(kw) 110 Overall sizeLxWxH(mm)3335¡Á3182¡Á3025 Overall sizeLxWxH(mm)54.5 Model PEX250¡Á1000 Feed inletsize(mm)1000¡Á250 Max inletsize(mm)210 Capacity(t/h) 16-52 Electricpower(kw) 30-37 Overall sizeLxWxH(mm) 1530¡Á1992¡Á1380 Overall sizeLxWxH(mm)6.5 Model PEX250¡Á1200 Feed inletsize(mm)1200¡Á250 Max inletsize(mm)210 Capacity(t/h) 20-60 Electricpower(kw)37 Overall sizeLxWxH(mm)2192¡Á1900¡Á1430 Overall sizeLxWxH(mm) 7.7 Note: This specification is just reference, any changes are subject to the products.

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