Lab Test Vibrating Machine

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Xinxiang Dazhen Sift Machine Co.,Ltd., China
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Dec,31, 2018

Description: The laboratory vibrating screen of our company is widely used in food, medicine, metallurgy, building materials, food, chemical, cement, glass, ceramics, and papermaking industries. In a word, dry and wet materials screening, filtering. It have the advantage of smooth vibration, the vibration force big, stable performance, network speed, light weight, simple operation, easy maintenance, etc. Specifications 1. Mesh 3.5 to 400 meshes. 2. time can set 1 to 60 minutes layer to 8 layer 4.commodity: testing sieve Features: (1) you can replace rapidly network layer without any tool, using the network layer to 8 layer; (2) the time can be setting under automatic control, can be set 1 to 60 minutes; (3) It applicable to any powder, liquid and granular; (4) screen powder does not float in the sky, spray liquid not disorderly, granule not jump; (5) use mesh 3.5 mesh to 400 mesh.

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Xinxiang DaZhen Sift Machine Co., Ltd, engaged in R&D, production and sales of vibrating screen equipments, grain cleaning and grading machine, bucket elevator, belt and auger conveyors, vibration motor etc..