Full automatic Autoclave

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Full automatic Autoclave This equipment is double bath type retorts, based on the research of new development, more than double retorts, doubling production, energy conservation, the user can greatly reduce the equipment investment costs. ◆ uniform definition for the flow mode, temperature uniformity, no dead ends The recycled water goes to sterilization tank, down, left and right constantly switching, so that uniform flow tank flow from the tank to ensure the sterilization temperature, heat to cool, uniform heat distribution at any point, so placed in trays packaged food in different locations has been the best uniform heating effect, to eliminate the bacteria occurred during the dead phenomenon. Make the product more stable and long shelf life, ensure the temperature distribution and heat transfer uniformity, reducing the F value changes and the occurrence of such over-cooking. ◆ High temperature short time sterilization This machine is a dual-tank hot water circulation for sterilization, sterilization prior to hot water tank heated to sterilization temperature required (except for multi-stage sterilization), thus shortening the sterilization time, provide for effective regulation.

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