Modular Water Cooled Chiller

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Dec,31, 2023

Cooling capacity range: 69.5 - 110.7 kw Heating capacity range: 77.3 -122.3 kw SCHLEE module cooling/heating industrial chiller has simple design. We using scroll compressor not only used in normal cooling conditional but also can use in high efficiency and environmental cooling condition, it can also add heat recovery function if you need. Widely used in hotel, hospital, office building and etc. Module cooling / heating unit has SCH-20W2 and SCH-30W2 as basic product. Each module has independent cooling system and protection system, and can also install and working independently, each module can be the same or different as well. Feature Adopting completely enclosed scroll compressor and latest high efficiency heat exchanger to make sure the high COP. Using multiple system, advanced micro computer control, module running, the unit can have the best performance no matter in part load condition or full load condition. Simple and convenient Module unit can combined flexible to meet different cooling request. The compact structure makes shipping, installation, adjustment and maintain be more convenient, decrease the cost a lot.

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Nanjing Schlee Refrigerating Equipment Mnaufacturing Co., Ltd. Mainly processes the manufacture, research and development, sales and service of chiller used in central air conditioner, industrial refrigeration, air handling and automation control. We holds the leading technology of central air conditioning, industrial refrigeration, automation precise control and air handling to provide right refrigeration devices.