Hose Reel Irrigation Machine

Price :
On Demand
Quantity :
300sets /month
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Payment Terms :
Expected Delivery Time :
20 days after gettin
Additional Requirement :
4 sets irrigation machine into 1PC 40"HQ
Price Valid Till :
Dec,31, 2020

Irrigation Machine is a turbine-driven machine designed for fully mechanized and labor-saving irrigation. Characteristic: With simple structure, high degree of automation, strong adaptability, simple operation and multistage speed, the hose reel irrigation system the ideal water-saving irrigation machine and tools and also can be used in different areas for water saving irrigation projects. Operational Way: The water comes into the water turbine by pressure, using water kinetic energy drive water turbine rotating, which drag PE pipe and realize sprinkler car uniform recycling, meanwhile, the water in the PE pipe transmission to the spray gun or boom by pressure, and realize sprinkling (spraying). It can be used in different areas of water saving irrigation projects.

Company Profile

Weishi Huifa Machinery Plant is a professional manufacturer for irrigation system.With best quality,reasonable prices and customized production located in Henan China founded 1999.Our goods had been exported to America, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Egypt, Morocco, Sudan, Congo, Ghana, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Indonesia, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, and so on, and got good reputation in worldwide market.