Hermetic Water Cooling

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Dec,31, 2023

CHARACTERISTICS OF USES: Hermetic water cooling high temperature circulator is liquid circulating equipment which adopts electricity to heat, and provides high temperature circulating liquid. It's widely applied to heat reactors in pharmacy, chemical Industry, petrochemical and other industries. 1. Overtemperature alarm protection ensures safety of the unit. 2. Circulating pump can output heat transfer liquid inside the equipment to heat other equipments outside. 3. The unit has vent valve which is convenient to add the liquid for the system and is prohibited opening during the work time. 4. Circulating system adopts Stainless Steel which can prevent corrosion, rust and high-temperature liquid pollution. 5. PID control, high temperature-controlling accuracy, easy operation. 6. Coolant circulating system adopts hermetic system, so that service life of heat transfer liquid is much longer. 7. The unit is easy to use, and it can work continuously.

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Zhengzhou Greatwall Scientific Industrial & Trade Co.,Ltd. is a comprehensive company merging research, development, production and operation into a single whole.the company has developed teaching instruments and equipment including water circulating type multipurpose vacuum pump, low temperature cooling liquid circulating pump, low temperature cycling pressure pump,low temperature(vacuum)pump,digital-control super low temperature constant temperature slot,chemical reaction experiment device etc