Double-Head Cutting Saw CNC for Aluminum Window & Door

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Product features 1. The machine adopts European model and looks neat and easy. 2. The control system adopts the full closed-loop system to guarantee the repeat positioning precision. 3. The imported motor is linked with the blade directly. The cutting adopts the leverage swing form. 4. The blade feeding adopts gas-liquid damping cylinder transmission, cutting stably. 5. The imported servo-motor drives the reducer to release the cutting at any angle within 45° ~157.5° . 6. The imported control system has the feature to optimize material cutting. 7. The different cutting sizes can be input at one time. Realizing the continuous cutting for different length. 8. The saw head is droved by the imported servo-motor driving the synchronous belt, fast movement. 9. The machine has the opening and closing shield to protect the safety. 10. The movable profile bracket makes the machine smart and to take few room. 11. There are two cylinders on each machine head to clamp the profile. This makes the cutting safe and reliable. 12. The machine can finish the extra short and extra length profile automatically. 13. The machine can link the bar code printer.

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Jinan Tianchen is a professional manufacturer of all kind of window, door and curtain wall processing machines, with large sales and service net, including equipemnts of aluminum windows, curtain wall, aluminum & wood window, solar board aluminum frame, industry aluminum profile etc.