Diagnosis X-ray

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Technical performance: 1. Integrated with high frequency and high voltage generator, main control system, intelligent computer system, numeric display and beam limited device, 2. It is designed and manufactured precisely and compactly, more flexibly and widely used; Using the technique of inverse converter for HF and computer-controlled closed-loop adjusting System, stable high voltage output is generated and high-quality images can be obtained; 3. Using the buttons of KV and mAs to adjust the photographic parameters, display them on high-brightness LEDs, interlock protection conditions is determined by software, which is convenient for doctors to operate; 4. X-ray Tube is placed in lead cylinder which can effectively shield the gamma leakage and protect environment and operators' safety; 5.20 radiographic conditions are preset and can be customized according to user requirements. 6. Manually controlled, controls remotely the double control photography function 7. Photographic time by microcomputer accuracy control, photographic conclusion aft engine automatic time delay 30S, but the active control photography gap, avoids overloading the use, realizes the automatic protection

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SHINOVA based in Shanghai, China, is a professional manufacturer and solution provider for medical equipments, laboratory instruments and veterinary products around the world.