peony centrifuge

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Dec,31, 2023

LW series centrifugal is a kind of horizontal screw unloading and continuous operation settling centrifugal.The rotary drum and the screw rotate at some different high speed.The materials enter the inside cylinder through the feeding pipe and enter the rotary drum.Under the function of centrifugal force,the heavier solid materials form the dregs layer on the rotary drum wall.The conveying material screw pushes the dregs solid continuously to the cone of the rotary drum and are exhausted from the machine through the discharging port.The lighter liquid forms the inside layer liquid ring and overflows from the large end of the rotary drum.The machine can continuously feed,separate,wash and unload at full speed.It has advantages,such as compact structure,continuous operation,steady run,strong applicability,large production capacity and convenient maintenance and others.It is suitable to separate the suspension whose solid grain is larger than 0.005mm and whose thickness scale is within 2¡«40%.It is widely used in chemical,light industry,pharmacy,food,environment protection and other trades.

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