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Dec,31, 2021

Ab-e-Hayat is pure, unadulterated, un-tempered, mineral water. Derived from confined Aquifers of saturated zone having high quality mineral water springs. Scientific and state of the art techniques are employed for water source protection. Ab-e-Hayat is four logs U.V disinfected, decontaminated and naturally magnetized contains recommended amount of powerful natural antibiotic Silver (Ag++) fatal to the germs of 650 different diseases. It is light, zesty, refreshing and healthy choice for all the occasions. It is fragrant and crispy with optimum balance of all essential minerals yielding a fine rounded taste. Ab-e-Hayat is sparkling, clean and clear just the way mother nature intended. Water Parameters pH 7.20 Mg+ 13 Ca 45 K+ 2 HCO3 169 Cl- 12 Na+ 20 Silver Traces SO4 48 Total 298

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