Head Elevating Mixer

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Dec,31, 2023

Stainless Steel Head Elevating Mixer [Stainless Steel Mixer ASM-60SH • ASM-90SH • ASM-120SH • ASM-220SH] [Stainless Steel Super Twin ASM-90STH] A Head Lifting up/down Mixer having a design placing an importance on working efficiency and sanitation is optimal for use in HACCP plants Because of the type for lifting up/down its head, the mixer is characterized in that the position of the bowl is low and it is easy to confirm a state of product in the bowl during mixing. With a “learning function” enabling inputting a mixing process (program) for every product, operation can be compiled in a manual and automated ( possible to set 15 different processes and 30 kinds in a graphic panel, 1 process in a V panel). In a twin-axle type, reduced preparation time, reduced working space, labor-savings and reduced number of operators can be achieved. It is optimal for use in plants because of the stainless steel-made structure placing an importance on sanitation.

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Aiko-sha Manufactory, simply not only manufacture and sell the machine and captures the food processing as "system", hard (machine) and software (confectionery and bread technology) are both aimed at companies that make the creative proposals .