Spot welding machine

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Dec,31, 2023

Features 1.More functional spot welding is possible with a top-side-only electrode. This eliminates the interference between conventional both-side electrode and works because of deep gap limitation existed. 2.High speed spot welding , only 1.5 sec per spot is achieved with high rigid machine frame and special power unit for welding. This makes even 2.3mm thick plate spot welding easily. 3.Spot welding force at every point can be compensated properly with servo-motor driven and road cell equipped. 4.Facility area is smaller than conventional robot system. In addition layout change is easier than that.

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TAGAMI EX CO., into production of sheet metal fabricating, thick plate sheet metal welding, machining, assembling , design and development, Tagami Ex has participated in many machine manufacturing fields such as Machine tools, Fabricating machinery, Stamping machinery, Construction machinery, and Environmental machinery.