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a. Flexible transitions and construction Traveling system with full hydraulic crawler chassis can realize on-site rotation and can climb 30¡ã steep slope. The chassis adopts floating type structure which can be leveled, in order to adapt to a variety of complex work sites. The angles of slide block and boom can be adjusted, in order to meet the multi-angle and multi-faceted construction requirements. The forward and backward overturn angles of the slide block are 10¡ã (forward) and 90¡ã (backward). The leftward and rightward swing angles of the slide block are 90 ¡ã (leftward) and 30 ¡ã (rightward). The upward and downward lifting angles of the boom are 42 ¡ã (upward) and 10 ¡ã (downward). The leftward and rightward swing angles of the boom are 15 ¡ã (leftward) and 45 ¡ã (rightward). b. High efficiency Rod-changing device can hold six drill rods with each length of 5 m, so as to prevent tedious manual labor. Threaded compensation mechanism is installed at the power head. When installing or removing the drill rod, the advance and retreat amount of the thread at the end of the drill rod can be adjusted automatically. Thus, it realizes a highly efficient automatic rod-changing, greatly improving the work efficiency. c. Applicable to a wide range of strata The vehicle is equipped with world-class imported high pressure and high flow air compressor, with pressure of 2.07 MPa and flow of 23m3 / min, so it can be applicable to various soft, medium and hard rock layers. The construction coverage is wide. d. Comfortable operation It is equipped with fully enclosed cab. The driver¡¯s seat can be adjusted forward or backward. Heating and cooling integrated air conditioning system is provided. Large space, wide filed of vision and reasonable design of layout, providing the operator with a relaxed and enjoyable environment, greatly reducing the fatigue strength. The vehicle is equipped with a 338 kw engine. One end of the engine drives air compressor and the other end drives hydraulic system. The use of this engine reduces energy consumption and improves the working efficiency at the same time. Cyclone dust collector and pulse bag dust collector are provided, which have good environmental effects.

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Zhengzhou Yutong Heavy Industries Co.,Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as" Yutong Heavy Industries") is the core enterprise of Yutong Group, a profe- ssional manufacturer integrating research and development, manufacturing and sales service. Being one of the 50 largest engineering machinery ma- nufacturers in China, with registered capital of 600 million and more than 3,000 employees.