herbal medicine grinder,food processing machine

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Dec,31, 2021

we supply various types of pulverizing equipment which include super eddy current mill, air current eddy fine pulverizer, altra-fine pulverizer, turbine pulverizer, whirlwind mill, thermal plasticity fine powder mill, sieve-free vertical pulverizer, self-grinding ultra-fine mill, cryogenic pulverizer, fine pulverizer, plastic pulverizer, opposite roll rough pulverizer, waste cable recovery equipment, tooth shape fine shredder, high press force cutting mill, ultra fine powder classifier, turbo classifier, suspend non-symmetry double spiral mixer, gravity-free mixer, conical mixer, plough knife mixer, bucket lifting machine, stuff-collection machine, dust collection (filter), airlock, spiral conveying machine, vibration sieve. They are widely used in chemical industry, medical industry, food processing industry, plastic & rubber processing industry, tobacco industry, pesticide industry, non-metal processing industry, used for pulverizing dyestuff, auxiliary, medicine materials, non-metal mine, plastic, rubber, non-ferrous metal(Mg, Zn etc.), tobacco, foodstuff, and as well as some tough, fibre, thermal sensitive organic matters. The main series are: 1. super micro-pulverization equipment 2. rough and intermediate pulverizing equipment 3. classifying machine 4. mixing equipment 5. conveying equipment 6. powder sieving machine 7. testing equipment 8. control system equipment

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