hyaluronic acid gel

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Dec,31, 2020

Categories: hyaluronic acid filler Description: 1. HA Content 20g/ml stabilized hyaluronic acid 2. Approximate number of gel particles ml: 100,000 3. Particle size(mm): 0.15~0.28 4. Recommended indications: Recommended indications: Wrinkles, such as glabellar, oral commissures; Lips: Fullness, pouting and vemilion border 5. Where to inject :Middle part of dermis 6. Syringe needle specifications:27G 7. Volume of syringe: 1.0ml 8. Recommended degree of correction:100% No overcorrection 9. Duration:6-24 months 10. Storage: Room Temperature > Advantages: 1.Maintain at least 8 months; 2.Does not produce a rigid facial expression; 3.Fill the depression easier to achieve smooth results; 4.Course of fast and safe, do not leave scars; 5.High security and will not have allergic reactions

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