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Dec,31, 2021

Polygonum most grows in ravine, by the river and in shady-warm places under trees, mainly distributed in the south of Changjiang River, Shan'xi, Henan and Shandong provinces in China.The protophyte of Polygonum is regarded as rhizome and root of Polygonum cuspidatum Sieb. et Zucc., perennial herbaceous, being one of the Chinese medicinal herbs most in use in ancient China. Shape Perennial herbaceous, with height 1 to 1.5m. Rhizome lays across underground, in yellow color. Stem is coarse & strong, straight, with no hairs on the surface, and small flower in pale or light pale-green color. Efficacy & mechanism to anti-cancer and to strengthen immunity Resveratrol in Polygonum is the major active ingredient, which has effect to anti-cancer and to strengthen immunity through research.Resveratrol has very strong effect to clear oxidant free radical, along with inhibiting the damage and mutation to the body caused by free radical. The research to cytology based on in vitro cancer cell proved that Resveratrol could inhibit the breeding of various cancer cells. The proliferation of cancer cells is due to secretion of ROS by stimulus and a certain quantity of O-2 and H2O2. Another research proved that Resveratrol has very strong inhibition to the total ROS self-secreted by cancer cells. It inhibits the density of O-2 , stops the changes of cancer cells from S to G2, thus strongly inhibiting the breeding of cancer cells.Resveratrol may strengthen the immunity. It can also recover the inhibited characteristic of cells in the burnt rat, with effective power to the reactive ability of damagedantigen singal, to breeding ability, to synthetic ability of white blood cell medium ¢ò and to synthetic ability of antibody through lymph cell. * Herbal extracts * Softgels * Herbal oil * Natural colors * Herb powders * Vegetable & Fruit powder * Vitamins * Minerals KINGHERBS LIMITED; MISS. CARA SHAW Skype: oging20

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