Manual normal temperature marking machine CW-200

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Dec,31, 2023

Technical Parameter: 1. Engine: original Honda 5.5Hp 4-stroke air-cooled gasoline engines. 2. Chassis: rugged welded frame, the surface is chrome-plated (zinc) or has been anti-corrosion coating processed,and the chassis is configured with imported high-speed bearings to ensure the machine is more lightweight and more flexible. 3. Rubber Wheel: left wheel, right wheel and rear wheel are inflatable vacuum wheels which are pressure-proof. Wheel diameter: 350mm; the front jockey wheel is natural rubber wheel that is of special wear-resistant modification. Wheel diameter: 190mm. 4. Front directional device: You can lock the directional device of the front wheel to ensure that the road marking machine turn freely whether it is along a straight line or a curve turning . 5. Guide rod: it can be freely adjusted. 6. Pump: We adopt the new diaphragm-type high-pressure paint-free pump machines manufactured by Chongqing Yangtze River Application Co., the pump flow rate is high and the pressure is steady, and it is reliable. The machine is appliable for cold solvent road marking paint. The maximum pressure 20mpa (working pressure for the 10-15mpa), the maximum flow of a single pump is 9L/min. 7. Paint cans (optional): capacity :50Kg. Tank is equipped with a filtering device and the feed port is equipped with suction-type filters. 8. Spray gun:configured with two new manual spray guns and hard-edged cylindrical nozzle which is of the function of reverse decontamination (17/25 or 20/25) . Marking of non-arc nozzles are to ensure alignment. Brake controller is to insure the sigle cylinder and the double cylinder alternate freely 9. Paint: it is appliable for cold solvent road marking paint . 10. Spray width :80-450mm. 11. Dimensions: 1350 mm (length)* 1000 mm (Width) *1070 mm (height). 12. Total Weight: 135kg (without drums).

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