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Dec,31, 2020

All series of transistors RF Jin Mei Electronic Developing Company supply more than ten series transistors RF that has been discontinued and urgent. 2N5884 2N6077 2N6250 2N3055 2N3442 2N6388 2N6491 2N5676 2SA1012 2SA1012-Y 2SA1452 2SA633 2SA634 2SA1633 2SA1962 2SA1012 2SB946 2SB1097 2SB1155 2SB1317 2SB826 2SB863 2SB903 2SB919 2SB1186A 2SC1212 2SC1212 2SC1579 2SC1580 2SC1212 2SC1579 2SC1580 2SC1846 2SC1881 2SC2238 2SC2246 2SC2306 2SC3300 2SC3320 2SC3435 2SC3457 2SC3505 2SC3568 2SC3710 2SC3834 2SC3835 2SC3834 2SC3835 2SC3858 2SC3866 2SC3834 2SC3835 2SC3858 2SC3866 2SC2527 2SC2562 2SC2562 2SC2750 2SC2751 2SC2922 2SC2922 2SC2944 2SC2979 2SC3148 2SC3264 2SC4052 2SC4053 2SC4054 2SC4055 2SC4056 2SC4109 2SC4138 2SC4236 2SC4278 2SC4311 2SC4382 2SC4550 2SC4596 2SC4924 2SC5198 2SC5242 2SC4051 2SD560 2SD799 2SD838 2SD970 2SD1398 2SD1435 2SD1555 2SD880 2SD995 2SD995 2SD1061 2SD1062 2SD995 2SD1061 2SD1062 2SD1073 2SD1088 2SD1148 2SD1193 2SD1195 2SD1212 2SD1213 2SD1230 2SD1846 2SD1957 2SD1985 2SD2241 BUT54 BUT76 BU508A BU508AF BUV12 BUV25 BUV41 BUV48A BUV66 BUW13 BUW24 BUW26 BUW36 BUX10P BUX12 BUX13 BUX14 BUX15 BUX33 BUX43 BUX48 BUT48A MJ413 MJ10012 MJ13330 MJ15024 TIP122 TIP127 TIP142 Wholesale, don¡¯t retail. Because of many items, please send faxes or emails to us for inquires, we will reply you as soon as possible. We are a professional agent and wholesaler who sell all kinds of famous brands of high frequency semiconductors and SMD components. If you would like to get more information about our products, please go to visit our website:

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