Low smoking zero halogen cable material granulator

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plastic film
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Dec,31, 2021

LSZH cable 1, The processing performance, can be formed on a common piston, screw-type injection molding machines, injection molding temperature: about 150-180 ¡æ, can be adjusted according to specific circumstances. Generally, the maximum temperature should not exceed 200 ¡æ. 2,It is different between the actual temperature and the temperature table indicates the difference between the value of the melt value of the injection molding machine types are different, the user should set the appropriate temperature depending on the specific circumstances of the injection molding machine.

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We specialize in compounding, extrusion, granulation, molding equipment design and manufacturing, the main products: have senior extrusion unit of scientific research personnel, advanced processing equipment, modern standard workshop, according to the specific requirements of each customer, to provide the most professional mechanical design and a full set of extrusion equipment to meet every customer's special application needs.