Portable High Frequency TIG control unit

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Weldman Welding Industries Pte Ltd, Singapore
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Dec,31, 2018

Designed and built to operate under harshest environment and meets the requirement of quality welding in shipyards, pipelines, construction, petro-chemical plants, oil refinery, offshore works and workshop. Ease of maintenance. Welder friendly controls. Digital display for easy current setting. Step-less current control. HF / LIFT / MMA selector switch for process selection. 2S / 4S / Fast Tack selector switch for Trigger hold and Quick tacking. Gas pre flow (for gas purging) and post flow (for cooling) time adjustment. Current up-slope (for soft start) and down-slope (for crater filling) time adjustment. HF auto cut-off for protection against accidental triggering. Tungsten tip saving circuit (when tungsten is shorted to work piece, only 10A current flows).

Company Profile

Weldman Welding Industrial Pte Ltd was established in 1992 and is a leading manufacturer of inverter arc welding and cutting equipment