good chemical copper clad ground pipe for lighting protection

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Dec,31, 2021

The elements of Electrolytic ion ground rod : (1) Ion grounding electrode tube: Made of high quality copper. The inner part of the tube wall is processed with the latest ceramic coating techniques , which can resist acid, alkali and corrosion. The outer part is coated with a kind of polymer material which resists corrosion and has low resistivity. Holes are designed on the top and bottom of the tube to absorb the moisture and release ion. (2)The inner ion generator devices: They are filled in the inside of the tube, have a strong ion release property and have ability to absorb water, conduct electricity, and release ions slowly and for long. (3) External filling material : It can resist corrosion, absorb water, keep moisture, solidify, penetrate and improve soil condition. Interacting with the ion released from the tube, it can constantly improve the conductivity of the surrounding soil so as to play the role of grounding and reducing resistance. The working principles : The internal and external parts of electrolysis ion ground system are equipped with two kinds of anion filling materials. External material has strong absorption and adsorption ability and are good at cation exchange. It consists of some materials which can reduce resistance, resist corrosion, and can not influenced by temperature changes and can withstand the high voltage attack. The internal material consists of special electric ion compounds, which can absorb moisture in the soil. It will release the active electronic ions into the soil effectively, thus promote the function of the conductor , and keep the resistance stable. It is valid for more than 30 years. Experiments show that the high resistivity of the soil is caused by the lack of direct free ions which play a helpful conducting role. Electrolysis ion ground system has reversible slow-release filling material, which can absorb or release water. In this way, the ions can be effectively released into the surrounding soil. Then the grounding electrodes become a ion generator, which improves the soil conditions to reach the goal of reducing resistance. The internal and external materials of grounding electrodes affect each other to reduce the resistivity of the soil, and at the same time form an area of controlled release between the grounding electrodes and the soil, which can increase the contact area between grounding electrodes and soil. Then it reduces the contact resistance between them and improves the distribution of electric field in the land. The backfill has good permeability and can permeate deep into the earth and fissure, form a net like root, and increase the discharging area.

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Presently our products are widely used in industries of telecommunication, electricity, broadcasting, oil and chemical industry and high building construction. The products are sold well all around China and have been exported to Korea, Japan, east-Asian countries and European countries and praised by the local and abroad experts. With the expanding of the company scale, our company has strengthened the organization structure, and is managing the whole producing process strictly according to ISO9001:2000. We have not only set up a complete system of sales, but also built up a group of people with high technology for engineering. We have achieved great successes in lightning protection in computer network engineering, microwave communication, communication satellites, large electricity constructions( nuclear power, wind power, hydropower, thermal power, substation and so on),and auto control systems. Therefore we have gained much experience in designing and engineering and we are in the lead in this line in our country.