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Dec,31, 2023

In a diode pumped Nd:YAG laser marker, a diode driver, a Q-switch driver and a DC power supply are needed. They are individual with large size and then the size of the laser marker is also large. It is not convenient to move the laser marker due to large size. We have developed a “3 in 1” laser power supply and the above power supplies are integrated into one unit with compact size. Features: Compact in size and light in weight. Modular design for convenient maintenance. Excellent performance. Portable for easy moving.

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Specialized in lasers, optics & laser parts - CO2 laser, green laser, fiber laser, DPSS laser, ps & fs laser, Q-switch, AOM, AO deflector & frequency shifter, laser lamp (arc lamp and flashlamp), CW & pulsed laser power supply, Nd:YAG rod, beam expander, scan lens (f-theta lens), focusing lens, mirror, output coupler, power meter, laser diode, diode driver, diode module, CNC control software, laser marking head, marking software, green laser pointer, pump chamber, lamp-pumped cavity, OEM laser m