WN-089 stray current detector

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Dec,31, 2024

WN-089 storage type stray current detector is a stable, fully functional, safe, reliable, software processing, the new structure of the test tool on the ground can quickly detect underground pipeline stray current, of stray current monitoring, positioning stray current collection inflow and outflow points points, quickly evaluate the effect of stray current, up to 24 hours of data acquisition and archiving achievement, is the only independent research and development and production of special detection equipment. Whole circuit design uses three-way LSI double integral 16-speed A / D converters and high-speed ultra-low-power 16-bit MCU, with a full range overload protection circuit can be used for multi-point, simultaneous measurement of potential natural potential exchange and DC potential gradient.

Company Profile

Universal Testing Instruments Co., Ltd. is engaged in the underground pipeline detector, spark leak, technological development coating detector, gas leak detector and cable fault detection instrument sales of integrated enterprise. Its WN series of products with high stability, high sensitivity, high anti-interference, innovative multi-functional, etc., is oil, gas, electricity, municipal engineering and other departments indispensable testing equipment, construction quality underground pipeline coating inspection and maintenance checks a convenient, high efficiency detection equipment.