Acid corrosion inhibitor

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Dec,31, 2023

Acid corrosion inhibitor Nature£º Appearance: palm red liquid Density£¨20¡æ£©g/cm3: 0.80~0.90 Viscosity£¨25¡æ£©m Pa•S: 1.2~2.0 PH: 3.0~4.0 Feature£º Efficient inhibition performance acidic corrosion inhibitor, it will enable the rusty steel materials in 5% hydrochloric acid pickling rust process can still protecting the substrate metal from acid etching. The feature is that the carbon steel after pickling can not only bright as a new but also eliminate the phenomenon of hydrogen embrittlement in carbon steel pickling process. This is particularly important for equipment and components which has stress state£¬as it can avoid deteriorating effect of mechanical property which is damage to the material in pickling process. In the hydrochloric acid of add pharmaceutical, pickling electroplated parts before it plated, can overcomes and improve the stress brittle fracture and coating cracking of plated parts which is due to hydrogen permeation.

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