Shilajit Paste Premium Black Nepal Himalayan 400 Gm

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Dec,31, 2024

Ingredients: Purified Shilajit ( Shilajatu) Properties & Uses: Nepal Shilajit (Mumiyo) is purified following traditional Ayurveda method; we do not use organic solvent to purify, we use only pure water and herbal decoction. Reduces Stress, Fatigue, and Muscle Weakness Increases Strength, Endurance and Libido Powerful Antioxidant and anti aging Enhances Memory and immune system Helps the Body Adapt to Stress Promotes vigor, vitality and over all health Useful in old age and sexual debility Promotes bone health Helps to reduce weight and muscle build up Increases sperm count and sexual stamina Natural aphrodisiac- Prolongs sex duration Aids Digestion and Improves Absorption of Nutrients into the Body Helps Decrease Body Fat Enhances Skin Health

Company Profile

"Nepal Shilajit is a regsitered company in Nepal with limited liabilities. We are one of the leading Nepalese company engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of natural herbal products in Nepal. The company deals with Ayurveda health products, natural nutritional supplements such as Shilajit, herbal teas and essential oils. These products have been helping people over the centuries, restoring them to health the natural way. We have been exporting our products to Australia, Canada, UK, USA