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Chiuri tree is a member of Sapotaceae family. It is a deciduous, medium size tree about 20 meters native to Nepal. Its botanical name is Diploknema butyracea (Roxb) and English name is But- ter tree. The tree produces flowers from November to January and fruits from April to June and propagates by seeds. It grows mainly in the sub-Himalayan tracts on steep slopes, ravines and cliffs at an altitude of 300 to 1500 meters from east to west Nepal. The main product of the tree is ghee or butter, extracted from the seeds and popularly known as “Chiuri butter”.

Company Profile

Himalayan Bio Trade Pvt. Ltd (HBTL) founded in 2000, is a natural products processing and marketing company, owned by a consortium of community-based forest enterprises of Nepal. These communities have gained tenure over forest habitat and work to conserve the ecosystem’s unique biodiversity and protect the wildlife, while promoting income-generating initiatives such as HBTL's projects. Thus, HBTL's shareholders are the community members who sustainably manage the Himalayan forests.