Sell Ceramic Wire Guide Pulley (Ceramic Wire Roller)

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Dec,31, 2023

Description: The ceramic wire guide pulley (wire roller) is used for the direction change and the guidance of the enameled wire. The ceramic circle inside is made by the fine porcelain. There is a high-speed bearing in the ceramic circle which can assure the lag sliding distance between the wire and the circle is no more than 0.2mm, thus the wire insulation film has been protected and the beating of the wire has been controlled within a certain small scope. The sidewalls of the ceramic roller can prevent the jump of the wire during the winding, and stabilized the tension. Features: 1. The surface Polish degree of the porcelain ring: Ra0.2. 2. The sliding distance between enameled wire and the roller: ¡Ü0.2mm 3. The hardness: HRa88.

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